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MiD DAY Declared Finalist For 6 Marketing Campaigns At INMA Awards 2010
Posted: March 11, 2010    Send email
Mumabi,  Indias leading Afternooner MiD DAY has bagged the maximum number of Finalists for Marketing Campaigns (6) across the world at the prestigious INMA (International News Media Marketing Association) Awards 2010 to be held at New York, USA on April 28.

MiD DAY bagged the highest number of finalists from 57 newspapers in 19 countries. The awards announcements will take place at the 80th Annual INMA World Congress at the Marriott Marquis in New York. From the finalists, 30 first-place award recipients across three circulation groups in 10 categories will be publicly announced. All finalists will be featured in the 2010 edition of Best In News media Marketing, a multi-media digital report chronicling the honourees of the INMA Awards competition.

Being selected a finalist for the coveted INMA Award is a reward unto itself, said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director of INMA. In New York, we will learn who the elite of the elite will be from marketing campaigns in the past year.

Says Manajit Ghoshal, MD & CEO MiD DAY Infomedia Limited, Marketing at MiD DAY believes in creating benchmarks for its efforts year on year. With 6 marketing campaigns declared as finalist this year, the highest across the world, it indeed is a memorable way to build brand MiD DAY. Year on year wins from prestigious international forums like INMA and IFRA are a testament to the excellent value and innovative solutions delivered by MiD DAY to its clients

Adds Neville Bastawalla, Head, Marketing MiD DAY Infomedia, MiD DAY strongly believes in delivering marketing messages that create maximum impact among the desired target audience. MiD DAYs constant marketing innovations amplify the brand and mission by many folds. Pitch Brand-O-Meter has already declared MiD DAY as the No.1 newspaper in the innovations category in India and 6 marketing campaigns as finalist this year at the INMA are a global recognition of this effort.

Judging for the 2010 competition featured 23 top executives from media companies, product manufacturers, and consulting firms worldwide. Judges came from countries such as Australia, Canada, Finland, Guatemala, Iceland India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, and the United States.

Nominations Summary:

Category 3: Readership/Usage of the Print Newspaper

Calgary Herald, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Herald Health Club.

Het Nieuwsblad, Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium, The Mayor Report.

Mid Day Infomedia Ltd., Mumbai, India, Vodafone Presents India 9to5

Category 6: Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

Calgary Herald, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Herald Health Club.

El Espectador, Bogota, Colombia, Donde Esta Javier?

Mid Day Infomedia Ltd., Mumbai, India, Vodafone Presents India 9to5 MMS Contest.

Category 9: Public Relations and Community Service

Ekstra Bladet, Copenhagen, Denmark, Ekstra Bladet School Football.

Mid Day Infomedia Ltd., Mumbai, India, Dont Drink and Drive Campaign.

Mid Day Infomedia Ltd., Mumbai, India, Dont Talk and Drive Campaign.

Category 10: Marketing Campaign That Had The Most Profound Effect On Business

Folha de S. Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, Campaign Folha - The Most Valued Newspaper By The Upper Classes.

Mid Day Infomedia Ltd., Mumbai, India, Kotak Mahindra Bank Presents Mid Day Corporate Cricket League.

Mid Day Infomedia Ltd., Mumbai, India, Vodafone Presents India 9to5.

Notes to Editor

About MiD DAY:

MiD DAY is the flagship brand of MiD DAY Multimedia Ltd., a company listed on the stock exchange. Indias No.1 afternooner and the only one of its kind, MiD DAY has been the quintessential mid-work break the YUMPI* takes in the middle of the day.

Over the last couple of years, the newspaper has been on a mission to up its engagement quotient with the YUMPI. Whether it is local news, career guidance, dream homes, a look at whats on in the city or tips on style at work, MiD DAYs sections have it all, alongside staple news and amusers like comics and crosswords, all presented in a YUMPI friendly way to include a colour coded navigation system, lots of visuals, and an entertaining tone in reporting.

To add to the dynamic product delivery through content, MiD DAY has also been creating a unique experience for its readers and clients through globally awarded marketing initiatives. The Impact Covers and promotional activities like the MiD DAY Bollywood Lunch Contest, MiD DAY Happy Hours @ Work, MiD DAY Media Nights and the MiD DAY Corporate Cricket League have won top honours across International Award functions such as INMA, IFRA Cross Media Awards & Asia Multimedia Publishing Awards.

The company also has an established presence in the multimedia space, with its web version, www.mid-day.com with presently over 10 million page views per month as well as MiD DAY news feeds on cell phones which have over 2 lakh subscribers across the country. These initiatives ensure that the YUMPI has access to the MiD DAY experience at anytime during the day and at anyplace as well.

MiD DAY is available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune
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