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Posted: January 19, 2011    Send email
Eka Software Solutions, a leading software solutions provider for the commodity segment, and Financial Engineering Associates (FEA), a leader in the development of derivative valuation models and portfolio risk management software for the energy and commodities markets, announced today their plans to integrate FEA option and risk management libraries in Eka Commodity Trade & Risk Management (CTRM) Solution.

With this new relationship, Eka customers will stand to benefit tremendously through Eka best-of-breed functionality for commodity trade and risk management which will be fully integrated with the VaR calculation algorithms provided by FEA. The fully integrated suite will allow users to manage the complete transaction cycle within Eka – allowing them to create portfolios across commodities, derivatives, forex, interest rates and other instruments, define parameters and review the calculated VaR (either Monte Carlo, Extreme Value, Parametric or Historical).

Commenting on the new offering Mr. Manav Garg, CEO & Founder, Eka Software, said, This relationship fills a key industry requirement for a comprehensive, well integrated solution for firms dealing with physical commodities. The Eka system will help users manage market, credit, counterparty, operational and regulatory risks, and the FEA VaR calculations will supplement this through statistical analysis, thereby providing customers with a complete picture of their overall risk position.

We are excited to add Eka as a new and rapidly growing distribution channel for FEA world-class analytical libraries said Mr. Frank Cummings, Executive Director and Head of FEA. The initial release of our Value at Risk (VaR) model on Eka platform will add tremendous portfolio level risk analysis capabilities and help them to compete effectively with best of breed CTRM system vendors in the commodity space.
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