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Aditi Technologies Creates Its First Ever IP Based Solution For Bioinformatics - Launches DNA PReDuST
Posted: April 10, 2010    Send email
Bengaluru, Aditi Technologies, a leading provider of software product and application development services, today announced its foray into IP led solutions by launching DNA PReDuST. This solution is deployed on top of Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF), Microsofts recent Bioinformatics platform offering, co-engineered by Aditi & Microsoft.

DNA PReDuST or DNA Parallel Restriction Digestion using Suffix Trees, is an in-silico software solution targeted at scientists involved in Bioinformatics, Genomics and Pharma research to identify appropriate slots in a DNA sequence at which it can be cleaved for in-vitro experiments. A limited period free download of DNA PReDuST is available at

What makes it stand out is the fact that this is the first solution in the market that not only supports all kinds of restriction enzymes (Type I, II and III) but also takes into account real time laboratory conditions (i.e. temperature and pH) while conducting the experiments, thus significantly boosting test accuracy, reducing multiple iterations & cycle time, and resulting in considerable cost savings.

It also offers some interesting and intuitive visualizations for DNAs restriction and digestion maps, which are significant productivity accelerators for researchers.

Commenting on this development, Pankaj Jindal, President - Aditi Technologies, said IP based solutions are exciting and firmly in-line with our vertical alignment strategy. This solution is a testimony of Aditis Bioinformatics software engineering prowess and deep understanding of industry pain points.

Welcoming the move, Simon Mercer, Director of Health and Wellbeing - Microsoft, said We at Microsoft are happy to see Aditi Technologies taking a lead in extending Microsoft Biology Foundation. This is a step towards unleashing the true potential of this framework and we offer our support and best wishes for the success of this effort.

Aditi Technologies is a core member of Microsoft led BioIT Alliance - a cross-industry group working to integrate science and technology to accelerate bioinformatics and pharmaceutical research.

Notes to Editor

About Aditi Technologies:

Founded in 1994, Aditi pioneered the idea that great software products can be built out of India. Today, Aditi represents the best Microsoft software development capability in the world. Strengthened by innovative IP solutions, leading global enterprises and software product companies rely on Aditi to predictably deliver quality products and applications. Headquartered in Bangalore - India, Aditi has offices in Seattle, Boston, London, Mountain View, and New York City. To learn more, visit

About MBF:

Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF) is a .NET platform based open-source platform of reusable bioinformatics algorithms, services and functions which makes it easy to distribute computations and workflows and visualize massive data sets.
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