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Dolma - Tibetan Film Made In India
Posted: November 11, 2012    Send email
“Dolma” is a 17 minutes short film shot in Tibetan Settlement Camp in Bylakuppe 85 Kms away from Mysore in Karnataka. It is one of its kind short film. All the actors and voices used in this film are Tibetan. The main cast of this film is Deden who played the character of a small innocent girl Dolma who wrote a secrete letter to God. She wants to deliver it to God. However, she has a problem. She has no address of God. She sets out in the pursuit of finding God's address and send this letter to him. She approaches her family members and asks for God's address. Busy mom insists her to finish her homework and concentrate on school than this kind of unnecessary conversation. Father, orders her to pay attention to her mother's advice. Grandfather, advices her to work on her goodness before she can even think of sending a letter to God. Sister on other hand totally ignores her.
Distracted by the letter and her persistence to send the letter to God, she misses her school bus. She is disappointed and now has whole day to think about what to do with the letter. She meets a Muslim Priest, a Monk and a Church Pastor. They all fail to give her God's address. Her patience gives away. She breaks into crying. And then, story reaches the climax. Could she ever deliver her letter to God? To find out this you need to watch the film.

Cast and Crew:
Dolma: Deden
Mother: Kalsang
Father: Rinchen Tashi
Grandfather: Samdup
Sister: Choesang
Church Pastor: Phuntsok
Muslim Priest: Sonam Wangdu
Buddhist Monk: Rinchen Tashi
Post Master: Ngawang Samdup
Language Coordinator: Rinchen Tashi
Cinematographer: Bernard S Davis
First Director: Rosario
Producers: Sara Jim Sanjay / Raj Kosaraju / Monty Montgomery
Story/Screenplay/Direction: Jim Sanjay
Studio: SIMPL (Shepherd India Media Private Limited)

A note from the Director:

When I was 21 year old, I use to get fascinated by Tibetan who owns shops in Shimla (Himachal Pradesh). They were different people. They talk differently, they dress differently. Something was was very intriguing about them. I tried to make friends with them but, they were too shy to open up with me. In pretext of starting conversation with them I use to buy stuff that I never need. For example, once I purchased many pair of shoes from them with my college fees and had to re sell them to recover my money. That was the only encounter I had with Tibetans.
Fast forward 22 years, I stumbled upon Tibetan one more time on my way to Coorg in Karanataka. I could not stop myself to talk to them one more time. Results were same as it were 22 years before. They refused to open up. I gave them my phone no but, nobody returned my calls. By now It was quite clear to me tthat Tibatans are very shy in nature and they do not mix around too much with outside people. They are strong believers of family values and community. I started doing research on them and I was shocked to discover that their belief are total mix of Hinduism and Buddhist teaching. They believe in KARMA theory. They also believe in Evolution Theory. Their pillar of religion is “Reincarnation” and “Enlightenment”. The biggest shock came when I found out that Tibetan do not have concept of “God”. They do not understand God as I do. For them God makes no or very little sense. So, I wrote “letter to God” which one year later became a Tibetan short film DOLMA.
Because of the short film Dolma, I have a great friend Rinchen Tashi who is an owner of a Tibetan Restaurant in Chennai. Rinchen Tashi himself is a writer, Actor and a poet. He became interested in the film and worked with me as a language Coordinator. He travelled with me to the Tibetan Settlement Camps in Bylakuppe, Karnataka. He is the one who took me straight in the hearts of Tibetans. This is tour first film together. I am so looking forward to work with him again.
After, organizing a premier show of DOLMA for Tibetan students in Chennai in the coming months. I would be looking forward to take this short film to all the Tibetans settled all over India.

Be Blessed.
Jim Sanjay
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Dan Henrich,
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