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Polymerupdate Announces The Launch Of Its 1st Global Petrochemical Conference
Posted: April 10, 2010    Send email
Mumbai,  Polymerupdate today announced the launch of its 1st Global Petrochemical Conference. One of Asias leading destinations for real time petrochemical intelligence , Polymerupdate announced that the conference will be held from 19-20 August 2010 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Mumbai, INDIA.

With around 200 mid and senior level petrochemical experts expected to participate, the 1st Polymerupdate Global Petrochemical Conference (PGPC 2010) is all set to become the annual meeting place for decision makers of the industrys leading companies. The 1st Polymerupdate conference promises to be the essential place for participants to gain a complete overview of the latest developments impacting the industry.

Join us at the Hyatt Regency in Mumbai from August 19-20, 2010 and network with key industry decision makers.

The global map of todays petrochemical industry is rapidly changing. While 2009 was challenging for many on account of the global economic crisis, we believe that the conference will help provide a consensus view on macroeconomic expectations for FY 2010 which in turn will influence business sentiment, investments and predictions for 2011.

The 2 day conference aims to be a strategic senior executive meeting conceived to provide non-stop opportunities to :

  1.      Network face-to-face with Petrochemical industry representatives from around the world.
  2.      Learn the latest on critical issues facing the business world and the new developments taking place.
  3.      Exchange of ideas, insights, tactics and strategies that have the potential to transform businesses.
  4.      Identify new raw material suppliers and opportunities to undertake new manufacturing or joint ventures.
  5.      Find a suitable regional partner for your company.

During the two days of intense, executive level sessions on key industry issues you will gain deep insights into:

  1. Petroleum, Chemicals & Petrochemical Investment Regions (PCPIRs) in the global context - the philosophers stone to beat competition from low feedstock cost producers in the Middle East?
  2.  Future of plastics recycling and how it might affect supply/demand
  3.  Growth of Plastics in Healthcare and Electronics sector in India
  4.  Overview of the aromatics market in Asia
  5.  Consumption of Plastics in Next-Gen Automobiles
  6.  growth and Trends in PET market
  7.  Polymers in the packaging sector & latest flexible packaging trends
  8.  Status of FIBC Industry in India
  9.  Outlook of Indian petchem industry and downstream sectors - Advantages, Opportunities and Challenges
  10.  Styrenics market, present and future developments. How will demand grow?

Some of the confirmed speakers at PGPC are

  1.      Mr. Ujjal De, Sr VP from Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd
  2.      Mr. Ashok Goel, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Essel Propack
  3.      Mr. Rangarajan Raghavachari, Chief Executive, Supreme Petrochemicals
  4.      Mr. Sanjay Bedi, Segment Leader - Emerging Markets, SABIC Innovative Plastics
  5.      Mr. Anil Kumar, Director - Finance, Jumbo Bags Ltd
  6.      Dr. Thorsten Ploss, Partner, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Ltd. (UK)
  7.      Mr. Anant Kishore, Chief Operating Officer, Indorama Synthetics (I) Ltd
  8.      Dr. Mitchell Killeen, Divisional VP of LyondellBasell
  9.      Mr Matt Defosse, Editor, Modern Plastics Worldwide & PlasticsToday.com
  10.      Dr. Marc Huisman from DSM Engineering Plastics
  11.      Mr. Makrand Dixit , Head - Marketing - ONGC Petro Additions Ltd (OPaL)

Additional speakers will be added to this panel.

Register on-line at www.conferences.polymerupdate.com or contact Heital Yaagnik at Polymerupdate 344, Level 3 | A-Z Industrial Estate | Nr Peninsula Corporate Park | Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013 | India Tel: +91-22- 30408821-25 | Fax: +91-22-30408826 | Cell: +91 99 67700054 | Email: hetal@polymerupdate.com Web: www.polymerupdate.com

Notes to Editor

Polymerupdate, a leading provider of real time news and price alerts, has grown to become a preferred destination for global players seeking plastics and petrochemical intelligence.

Polymerupdates subscribers include most of the regions leading resin producers, processors, traders, consultant firms, investment bankers, credit rating agencies, as well as renowned international information services, news and media companies.

Polymerupdate through its news and price alerts aims to help companies worldwide increase their revenues and their profits, by providing them with real time, quality, valuable and business critical information. With its low overhead costs and well appointed channel partners from across the world, polymerupdate is constantly extending its reach within the industry, as it strives toward its goal of becoming the number one player in its space
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